is all about CHANGING people’s LIVES.

is all about CHANGING people’s LIVES.

The founders of TransformedED Transform Thishave been tutoring individuals and small groups since 2004. Traditional tutoring is useful to re-present material the student may have missed or did not fully understand. Advanced skills tutoring, however, is different.

Rather than simply review classroom material with the student, advanced skills tutoring builds and strengthens the underlying skills upon which all learning depends. TransformED’s highly trained tutors work with individuals and small groups using intensive, yet fun, games and tasks. As they work with their tutor, students actually improve their ability to learn and utilize material presented in the classroom. Learning, remembering, and recalling come easier and faster!

An advanced skills tutoring program is challenging, and sometimes students may feel like quitting or only doing what they’re already good at. That’s the benefit of having a personal tutor – someone to push the student to exceed his or her current abilities, someone who will invest in improvements that stay with the student for a lifetime.

Tutoring sessions can be designed to meet your situation: one-on-one or in small groups, in person or remote. Your tutor will set activities at the student’s level – and then motivate the student to improve, improve, improve. As the underlying skills are developed, the student will find that assignments or tasks that were once challenging or overwhelming become manageable, even easy.

Should the student need assistance with getting caught up with prior class material, classwork and assignments can be incorporated and utilized as part of the tutoring sessions.

TransformED advanced skills tutoring will allow your student to reach his or her goals and experience lasting success!

Advanced Skills Tutoring


Individual Skills Tutoring

Work one-on-one with a highly trained skills tutor to develop your processing speed, working memory, and attention. As basic skills are developed, go further to enhance your long-term memory, audio and visual processing, and reasoning skills.

Small Group Skills Tutoring


While individual advanced skills tutoring is intense and fun by design, the comradery and friendly competition of training in groups of 2 or 3 make skills tutoring even more effective for developing the underlying learning skills.

Remote Skills Tutoring


Live in an area not served by a local TransformED trainer? Not to worry. With our remote training over the Internet, individuals can receive advanced skills tutoring almost anywhere in the world!

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TransformED is an From Impossible to Possible operational program of Transformational Opportunities, Inc – a 501(c)3 charitable organization. Transformational Opportunities exists to create and establish a variety of opportunities suitable for individuals and families who need a significant, positive, and permanent change in their lives.

As a subsidiary of Transformational Opportunities, TransformED provides advanced skills tutoring and cognitive training for individuals and small groups. Over the years we’ve trained and tutored hundreds of individuals. Our delivery method is intense – and fun – developing and integrating the underlying skills students and clients need for success.

TransformED has a growing network of certified trainers who work independently either one-on-one or in small groups with students. Recently we started training individuals remotely over the Internet, to serve those who are not within reach of a local certified trainer.


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TransformED is an operational subsidiary of Transformational Opportunities.

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